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9 effective Tips to move heavy furniture during the move



Packing and moving heavy furniture is a very challenging task. It may also lead to injuries if you do not follow the right procedure to dismantle and mantle heavy furniture. You must hire professional Movers and Packers in Qatar in case you have a large collection of heavy furniture items as they skillfully handle each piece of your furniture carefully and ensure their safety.

However, if you are not willing to hire the professionals then you must be able to move those heavy furniture items by yourself by hiring manpower from the furniture market in Doha. This can be done by following certain guidelines with appropriate safety measures also followed by the skilled Packers and Movers to move heavy furniture:

  1. Decide for yourself whether there is a need to carry all your heavy furniture to the new place or you prefer to sell them in the flea market in Doha. Packing and moving the damaged and unnecessary furniture will cost you time and money.
  2. Follow the furniture manual to dismantle all the heavy furniture in order to make the move easier. Dismantle every part possible and pack it well in order to protect it from dust during transit to the new destination.
  3. When you are moving cabinets, make sure you empty it completely to lighten the weight.
  4. Buy furniture sliders of various sizes from a nearby furniture stores or online stores. These sliders can help you to drag your heavy furniture items easily and also avoids the scratches on the floor while dragging.
  5. Professional Packers and Movers always suggest wrapping your furniture completely to protect them from scratches and dust while moving more so in the middle-east where the wind brings the sand quite often. You can also use your old bed sheets or blankets to wrap them.
  6. Remove drawers from your dressers and use them to pack your clothes, such that you can protect your clothes as well and you can move your dresser easily.
  7. In case of wooden floor, use your old sweater pieces as sliders and put them under legs of the furniture and slide them. This ensures you safe move without causing any damage to floor.
  8. Wear protective gloves, to avoid injuries to your hands and wrist while handling heavy furniture.
  9. In case of unavailability of lift or when you are not supposed to carry heavy items using lift, you may need additional manpower that may cost you an extra amount which you cannot escape from. You will definitely need at least 3 helpers along with you to pull your heavy furniture. You can hire expert Movers or you can consider help from your friends, neighbors or relatives.

Thus by above mentioned steps, you can move your heavy furniture safely and easily if you have decided to do it by yourself.

We suggest you to purchase transit insurance for your expensive furniture items if you are moving out of Qatar as it would help you to get some compensation in case of damage or loss to your furniture in transit. For safe and secured move, hire professional Packers and Movers in Qatar.